Gear Up For Pro Wrestling League 2019!

Catch Olympic medalists and world champions battle on the wrestling mat from Jan 14th to the 31st at the Pro Wrestling League.

After three successful seasons, India's biggest Olympic wrestling league is back for Round 4. This time around, 6 teams will vye for the trophy and include the Delhi Sultans, UP Dangal, Haryana Hammers, Mumbai Maharathi, NCR Punjab Royals, and the new team, MP Yodha (playing for Madhya Pradhesh). Watch the action go down at Panchkula, Ludhiana and Greater Noida!

About the Pro Wrestling League:

The Pro Wrestling League (PWL) was set up by ProSportify and the Wrestling Federation of India to help build wrestling into India's most popular sport after cricket. It throws the spotlight on the beauty of the sport and its unsung heroes. Instituted in the year 2015, PWL has successfully finished three editions and is the most watched Olympic-styled wrestling league. Featuring 51 Olympians, 34 world and continental champions and more of the best wrestlers, it's no wonder the PWL is followed by wrestling junkies and action enthusiasts alike!

A little history of of the sport:
Wrestling for sport is almost as old as the human civilization. As a competitive sport, it has been contested at the ancient Olympic Games in 708 BC. When the modern Olympics resumed in Athens in 1896, wrestling became a focus of the Games. Since 1900, it has been an integral part of the Olympics. India has a rich tradition in wrestling too. Since time immemorial it was a popular sport among people in the villages, with ‘Dangals’ organized in sand ‘akharas’. After the bout the winner would go around the crowd and people would offer him cash as reward for his victory.

Pro Wrestling League Schedule

Leg 1: Tau Devi Lal Stadium, Panchkula

January 14th, Monday: NCR Punjab Royals vs. Mumbai Maharathi

January 15th, Tuesday: MP Yodha vs. Delhi Sultans

January 16th, Wednesday: Haryana Hammers vs. UP Dangal

January 17th, Thursday: Mumbai Maharathi vs. MP Yodha

January 18th, Friday: Delhi Sultans vs. UP Dangal

Leg 2: Indoor Stadium Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana

January 19th, Saturday: MP Yodha vs. Haryana Hammers

January 20th, Sunday: NCR Punjab Royals vs. Delhi Sultans

January 21st, Monday: Mumbai Maharathi vs. UP Dangal

January 22nd, Tuesday: Haryana Hammers vs. Delhi Sultans

January 23rd, Wednesday: NCR Punjab Royals vs. MP Yodha

Leg 3: Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida

January 24th, Thursday: Mumbai Maharathi vs. Haryana Hammers

January 25th, Friday: UP Dangal vs. MP Yodha

January 26th, Saturday: NCR Punjab Royals vs. Haryana Hammers

January 27th, Sunday: Mumbai Maharathi vs. Delhi Sultans

January 28th, Monday: NCR Punjab Royals vs. UP Dangal

January 29th, Tuesday: Semifinal 1

January 30th, Wednesday: Semifinal 2

January 31st, Thursday: Finals

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