Puzzled Pint Bangalore

Puzzled Pint Bangalore

Puzzled Pint is a (free) casual, social puzzle solving event which happens at pubs on the second Tuesday of every month in multiple cities around the world. This is a non-competitive, beginner friendly event. Similar to trivia night, teams get together to solve puzzles. The twist? You have to solve a puzzle to be able to register for the event.

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Here’s how it works

You need to solve this month's location puzzle (see the image)

Enter the right answer in the text box below and you'll be taken to the registration page for the event.

Need some hints?

Hint 1

Consider the outtakes not as individual pieces but as sets of three.

Hint 2

The word “signaled” in the flavortext is significant

Hint 3

Trace the path of each trio of pieces, then use the semaphore code (Google it).


The solution is HOOPLA.

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