Radhika Vaz

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Radhika Vaz is one of the country’s most well recognized stand-up comedians, and has been referred to as the Indian Wanda Sykes. Her one-woman comedy specials Unladylike and Older. Angrier. Hairier. have sold-out in New York, Los Angeles, and all major Indian cities. Her edgy web-series Shugs & Fats won the prestigious Gotham Awards in New York last year. Considered one of the pioneers of the stand-up movement in India she has been featured in Vogue’s ‘The power of 50’ and is known for her outspoken views on gender roles. A frequent guest on NDTV and Radio One. She is a prolific writer (Vogue, Verve, GQ, Architectural Digest) and her bi-weekly column on the Times of India’s op-ed page reaches millions of readers.

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