Robotics Engineer Workshop for kids

May 1 - June 2 | 10AM
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An introduction to Ardu Block and iSenso Bot.

Ardublock is a scratch based graphical programming interface used for creating Arduino programs. The software is based on a simple drag and drop interface where students will create combinations of different functional blocks. Ardublock is a great way to learn the basics of programming without learning actual high-level coding.

iSensoBotz on ARDUINO is a microcontroller based introductory autonomous robotics workshop, where you learn the art of making autonomous robots. This workshop teaches you the fundamentals of designing and building autonomous robots by integration with a microcontroller.

Topics to be covered

Introduction to robotics | Basics about Arduino nano | Introduction to Arduino IDE

Basic ArduBlock Graphical environment | Creating programs in Ardublock | Blinking Arduino


L293D motor Driver introduction | H-bridge testing | Timer robot implementation

Bots: Types of Autonomous Robots | Elements of an autonomous robot | Microcontroller based robots | Pre-programmed robots | Self-learning robots

Overview and Details of: Microcontroller | Programming of IDE | Actuators | Sensors | Power Supplies

Kit content

ARDUINO Nano | 2 Multi Purpose Photo sensor (IR Sensor) | Accelero Sensor

ACRYLIC Multipurpose Robot Chassis Plastic Wheels | DC Motors | 360’ Castor Wheel

Battery (9v) | A to B USB Cable for Programming | Connecting Wires | Screws | Screw Driver | Battery snaps

Final Outcome of training program

PC control robot | Phototropic Robot | Photophobic Robot | Black line Follower Robot | Obstacle Follower Robot | Obstacle avoider Robot | White Line follower Robot | Gesture Control Robot


Qtube cafe, Bandra (W)
Tickle Right, Colaba
Kandivali (W)
Studio Relevé, Andheri West

Terms & Conditions

Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!