Rohan Desai

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Labeled as world’s first truly nervous comedian, Delhi’s Rohan 'Danger' Desai has managed to make a career out of his uncanny 8-bit thoughts and his unreliable nerves. His alter-ago 'International Comedy Star Rohan Desai' went on to win the Melbourne Comedy Festival and is now a slow boiling social media rage, grabbing eyeballs with its polarizing self-deprecation and Facebook creatives inspired by the aesthetics of Taher Shah and other such viral sensations. “It has been widely agreed upon that, the biggest fear that people have in world is – Stage Fright. Death comes second to it. So, I’d rather die than take to the stage”, he says. The college dropout’s comedy comes in shades of unique, surreal and what-the-f*ck-was-that? How to make terrible look good? He sure knows it.