Rupam Islam Ekok

July 28 | 4PM
Ahindra Manch
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Rupam Islam: the singer-songwriter

That he is the most electric performer in our part of the world is general knowledge by now. What the general audience seldom gets to see is the songwriter-self of the man, the intimate side of the rockstar. Here Rupam just picks up his guitar and sings - leaving a format, or a song list, or all other things that make a performance a rule-bound affair far behind.

Mesmerized to the core, the audience realizes this man is equally as scintillating, if not more, when he drifts along his songs all alone.

#RupamIslamEkok is nothing short of a journey, an escape to solitude crafted by haunting lyrics and soulful tunes - an incredibly complete performance, yet so very distinctly different from the way the audience is used to see him at Fossils concerts. The songs are mostly uncommon (90% of them are unreleased), yet favoured by the audience & requested.

No one accompanies Rupam here, he is all alone with a guitar & keyboard.

The audience is always left screaming for more— that is the magic of #RupamIslamEkok & the reason behind the fact that these solo shows of Rupam never happened without being a ‘sold out’ affair.


Ahindra Manch

CIT Market, Chetla Central Rd Chetla, Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700027

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!