Scratchpad: A One Hour Trial Show by Ashish Shakya

January 17 | 27 | 9:30PM
The Cuckoo Club, Mumbai
350 (Inclusive of cover of Rs.100)


Thank you for clicking the link. You’re now one step closer to filling your free time with the comedic option that is Scratchpad: A One Hour Trial Show by Ashish Shakya. Here are some FAQs to get you started:

Ashish Shakya, also known as ‘That AIB guy’, ‘That Guy From That Thing Yaa’ and ‘Hai Dear, What A Sexy’.

A one-hour trial stand-up show, where Ashish will try out work-in-progress bits featuring everything from arranged marriages to parental struggles to sex robots to Mughals to nostalgia to the utter futility of existence and then some.

Because validation is nice.

Look up, the date’s right there man. You want everything on a platter or what?

What Else
Come in with super low expectations and you’ll leave happy, because that’s how trial shows work. The tickets are cheap af, because that’s also how trial shows work.

Achhe Din Kab Aayenge
Jab Illuminati chahe.


The Cuckoo Club, Mumbai

First floor, above The Cuckoo Club Black Box Theatre | 5AA, Pali Hill Road, Next to Candies, Bandra West, Mumbai, India 400050

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