Secret Dessert of seven moods

April 21 | 4PM
980 (Early Bird)
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A secret menu is something where the menu items are not released before hand. My secret menu of desserts plays on 7 moods of human psychology. Sugar, chocolate, beer, caramel, strawberries, liqueur and other sinful and decadent foods come together in this dessert course by course gastronomical journey. Come indulge in this sinful spread with beer and my delectable beverages and go to another level of bliss with the sugar high!

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Hell is hot – hence these desserts do need some cooling beverages to be washed down with!
Need I say more?
Ginger Lime soda – The classic beverage 
The acidity of the lemon combined with kick of the soda acts as the best palette cleanser!
Berry smoothie
There is nothing called too many berries. And all of them blended together in one drink? I don’t want to hear more, just give me some!
Fruit punch – Fruits and more fruits – such a refreshing drink.

The Menu of Moods
That one elusive mood which makes go the world work and fall into chaos. It can make kings and paupers of men, it's like that this mood has a mood of it's own!
A warm blanket, soft cushions, home food and a book! This is what defines comfort for me. This dessert will be inspired from the same, and I know for sure it will comfort your soul as well!
The feeling of being high on pure joy, the adrenaline rush you get when you achieve something which you have been only dreaming about is what describes ecstasy. This dessert course will surely give that adrenaline rush!
Think, think and think some more. What could this dessert be? The thinking will be worth it, trust me. 
This one emotion is often said to be the one which seperates humans from animals. The pain of a friend or the joy of your special one touches us as well as much it affects them. This dessert will be playing on these emotions and you will be sure to love it!
Life is not just about being happy and living it easy. Sadness and negative emotions are all a part of parcel of our existence and this dessert is inspired by the same thoughts as well. 

And a surprise mood dessert in the end!



Bengaluru, Karnataka

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!