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To be or not to be at the theatre is no question - Shakespeare would agree. Why answer life’s questions when you can watch them on stage instead? There are a lot of great plays happening in your city - sign up to get updates about which ones you should check out!

We’d hate love to brag - we’ve worked with productions and festivals like Umrao Jaan - the Musical, The Hindu Theatre Fest, and Aadyam - Aditya Birla’s theatre initiative that’s seen plays like The Kite Runner, and A Few Good Men. When it comes to curating theatre productions, we’ve got an eye for spotting out some pretty epic stuff!

Not sure if theatre is your thing? If you’ve made up stories about the person standing next to you on the train or thought of dramatic soundtracks to add to your life, chances are - plays are quite your thing.

Let’s go-eth to the theatre!

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