SocialxYourDOST: Living Stories - Vol. 1: Mental Health, Bangalore

August 5 | 9AM
Koramangala Social, Bangalore
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“Living Stories” is a project to initiate 1-1 conversations between a person who acts as a book and others who come as readers. The first edition of this project is solely dedicated to Mental Health (and the lack thereof).

The idea is for people to share specific life experiences in the form of stories as they become books whom interested readers can issue and read, through personal conversations. ‘Living Stories’ is an attempt at creating a space of acceptance of the need for good mental health and healthcare, of the ugly realities that are the consequences of mental illnesses. We hope to promote compassion by sharing knowledge in the form of stories.

What do you do as a ‘reader’?
Come to Koramangala Social on August 5th

Walk up to a bunch of brave books whose titles and subtitles you can read before choosing to interact with them.
Express interest at wanting to talk to them.
Listen to the myriad stories that your book has to tell you, with open ears and an even more open mind.
Ask them questions if you wish. Please do respect their wishes regarding touchy topics!
Walk away with more colours in your field of view and less judgements muddying that horizon

Volume 1 of Living Stories will feature youngsters whose experiences range from diagnosis of bipolar and borderline personality disorder to nights of insomnia or days flooded with anxiety. It will also showcase stories by experienced professionals and chart out their mental health journeys. This event is important for both the books and their readers, in very different ways. For the books, this experience is a catharsis of sorts. Here are people, who are not friends or loved ones only, who are willingly investing their time and resources into listening to the stories of an absolute stranger. For the readers, the lessons are infinite.

This edition is curated by Sanchana Krishnan, a writer, photographer and travel freak with a personal mission to work on mental health. It is held in association with Social Offline and YourDost.

To be a reader: Ticket: INR 300 (incl taxes) which entitles you for 3 slots of 20 minutes each. You could choose how you wish you to spend these 3 slots — all at once, with one book or different books each slot or anything in between. If you'd like to read more books, you could always purchase more slots. Ticket link to be accessible from 6pm on

22nd July, 2017.

To note: This project is entirely not-for-profit. The ticketing helps us bring this project to 3 cities offline and create enough content to reach the whole word, online.

And the Books you'd be reading are

Paint Me Blue, Paint Me Rainbow
The story of an ongoing discovery of personality, identity and sexuality through years of being misunderstood, resulting in severe depression and self harm.
by Sasha Ranganathan

Not Self Help; Self Love
A boy comes out thrice; first, as a queer individual, then, as someone with severe bipolar, and finally; as a fabulous unicorn! This is the story of one of India's top spoken word poets.
by Bharath Divakar

Round and Round The Merry-Go-Round
With a head that often felt more like a playground than a safe space, Shalaka has been on an adventure within her mind to navigate the mania, depression, anxiety and abandonment issues that are all part of her Borderline Personality disorder; while deciding the patterns in her head (and in her life) at the same time.
Shalaka Pai

One Too Many Kilometres
A diffucult family life left Pradeep frustrated and had him running away from home to seek respite. When what happened on the streets turned out to be scarring, Pradeep was left wit heven uglier relaities to face on a daily basis. This is the story of a phoenix's rise from the ashes; knowing full well that it is to ashes he turn again, only to emerge.
by Pradeep Jagdish

The Lover of Dark Poetry & Excellent Music
Daniel's nights have been fogged over by nightmares, the result of seething depression, since he was 8. 20 yeats later and he has used his vivid imagination and love for language to become one of India's top slam poets. THis is his story.
by Daniel Sukumar

Waiting for a Miracle
Growing up in a fractured household with shifting players, Sayesha struggled with paranoia and anxiety for the longst time. It took years worth of heartbreak, conversation and medication for her to understand who she was, what her mental illness resulted in and how she could juggle betwen them all without completely collapsing.
by Sayesha Sachdeva

Rage Against the World
The loss of a friend at an age when he was too young to comprehend it completely left Amitoj angry at himself and raging at the world. With things at home being nearly as complicated as the issues inside his head, he grew up emotionally disturbed with therapy or medication doing little to help. It was only the discovery of a brilliant therapist 3 years ago that changed his life for the better.
by Amitoj Singh

Tea From Across The Table
"One intellectually-challenged classmate, three suicide threats, two breakups and one death later, I decided to study psychology." With a deep interest in real human stories, Sreepriya's constant observations of mental illnesses coupled with the lack of affordability to seek help turned her towards becoming a mental health professional.
by Sreepriya Menon

The Sea is Salty and So Are You
Love and sex are an intimate, integral and beautiful part of a person's life. But when the person also happens to have depression, it can get difficult. But the existence of a caregiver who understands the irrationalities of a depressive changes things for the better.
by Amla Pisharody

The Spectrum is Actually a Pendulum
Relentlessly fluctuating mood swings always had Tejaswi believe she was an outsider. Feeling misunderstood is painful, especially by yourslef. This is Tejaswi's journey towards discovering her borderline personality disorder and how perhaps she was not so alone, after all.
by Tejaswi S

Wave After Wave
First club feet, then baby with special needs, and then cancer; one after the other, a series of unfortunate events that made Farida a woman of steel and brought her into the world of mental health.
by Farida Rizwan

Bigger Hearts, Bravehearts
Nelson Vinod Moses is a freelance journalist, and Writing Fellow at YourDOST, who writes about mental health. His interest in mental health began when a dear friend struggling with bipolar and schizophrenia committed suicide. Since then he has done a 40-hour course in listening and interpersonal communication and a one year course in counselling skills. His belief is that making mental health a priority is everybody's business and all of us can a play a role in creating awareness, shedding the surrounding stigma, and also taking control of our mental health through active self-care.
by Nelson Moses

Bandaids Till The Bruises Heal
When heartbreak led to insecurity turned into episodes of self harm, Harshita knew she was in a bad place. Despite having absolutely no family support whatsoever, she manages to save money and gather the courage to put herself through therapy.
by Harshita


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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!