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Pioneers of blues of music in India, these North-Eastern music trailblazers have managed to gather an army of fans across the country. Lead by Tipriti Kharbangar and Rudy Wallang, Soulmate has been dominating the live performance scene for almost a decade now, boasting of nearly perfect shows. Tipriti delivers the most compelling lyrics with her hard-hitting stand-out voice, while Rudy completes the circle with his effortless guitar chops. Accompanied by Leon Wallang and Vincent Tariang, the quartet has been at the forefront of the blues music scene in India. The Shillong band has released three full-length albums and has had a number of successful international tours, performing at prominent blues festivals. Tipriti has also won the Jack Daniels Rock Music award for Best Female Vocalist, along with Rudy for Best Guitarist. Could they be anymore perfect? We think not.