Startkom Gurugram - Startup Networking

15 December | 11AM - 1 PM
The Circle
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Startkom is a startup community that organizes startup events in Delhi-NCR every weekend.

Are you:

  • An Entrepreneur?
  • Business Person?
  • Startup Consultant?
  • Corporate Professional?
  • Mentor?
  • Investor?
  • Student?

Then this is the right place for you. Connect with the right people on a single platform for everyone who loves to build products and companies. We organize regular startup events in Delhi NCR.

Our Story-

We are entrepreneurs who love to build innovative products and ground-breaking companies but the journey to an entrepreneur's success is filled with many obstacles.

The only way to overcome these obstacles is to have great connections and continuously learn from them. Having the right network of people helps you to create sustainable businesses that stand the test of the competitive market.

Hence we started Startkom, Startup Meetup to solve this issue. It is the ultimate platform for entrepreneurs to expand their network rapidly and in an efficient manner.

What happens in the event?

Startkom event has the following sessions:

Session 1: Introduction Round

Everyone gets a chance to tell their own startup story whilst they also get to know what everyone else is doing. This creates a good base for connecting in the next round.

Session 2: Startup Discussion & Brainstorming

Every entrepreneur shares their startup's story and what problems they are facing right now in building their company. All such problems are discussed and their solutions are brainstormed. You get to know what part of the picture you are missing.

Session 3: Networking

In this session, you get to make meaningful business connections that will be highly valuable for you. From here you will be able to expand your network way beyond your company or office.

Who attends the event?

  • 50% - Entrepreneurs
  • 18.4% - Professionals
  • 13.2% - Students
  •  8.8% - Consultants/Mentors
  •  7% - Wantrepreneurs (Someone thinking about starting a startup)
  •  2.6% - Investors

What do you get?

By joining Startkom event, you can

  • Find a Co-Founder
  • Get Investments
  • Turn your ideas into businesses
  • Get startup mentorship
  • Find new clients and grow
  • Get solutions to your problems
  • Discuss new business ideas/opportunities
  • Expand your network

What Startkom members are saying?

  • "It was awesome visiting there. Met some really talented guys."

-Deepesh Sangar

  • "Fantastic experience!"

-Parth Mukhi

  • "Love the concept. Great Networking. Really cost-effective!"

-Raj Yadav

  • "I met all the right people for my startup here."


 Building a startup is a difficult thing. Most people fail before they even arrive in the market. Yet every day thousands of entrepreneurs begin this difficult journey and the only way they can succeed is by having the right kind people around them. Help us in making Startkom the biggest startup event in India.

Join us right now to be a part of the Startkom community!

(20 seats only)

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Is it a workshop or will there be any presentation?

No, Startkom is only a networking platform. There will be discussion and networking sessions but no presentation or workshop. We may introduce it in the future if the audience shows interest.

Is this a Network Marketing/MLM event?

No, Startkom is only a networking event where you get to meet other people. Our event is not for MLM or Network Marketing.

Organizer Contact- 7888819763 



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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!