Story of Aryan

August 25 | 5PM
Chotu Tapriwala (Chai Tapri), Baner
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Aaryan is one of three central characters of the book "Looking For The Obvious". In the book, Aaryan as a CEO of a giant company challenges the ways in which the collective corporate mind functions. Today, on this storytelling evening we get to hear the story of Aaryan before his journey in the book. Shoonyo, the author of the book himself, brings to us the mind and the journey of Aaryan, his growth up the corporate ladder and a few questions that Aaryan has not asked himself. Especially the question - Am I being ethical? … Perhaps the storyteller is asking us, the audience the same question - How are we growing collectively and are we being ethical?

Different dates are dedicated to the stories of other two characters too. For the entire month of August 2019, various storytelling sessions are planned out across Pune, at different venues. In each session, authors will pick-up one out of three characters and share their life story. The story will be of the life of characters before their journey explored in the book begins.

“Looking for the Obvious” book is about bringing to the reader the ancient wisdom in a form of a captivating story. There are 3 central characters in the book - Aaryan (a CEO in London), Leonhardt (a criminal, a contract killer) and Anemoi (A carefree voyager on a world tour). This weaving of experiential ancient wisdom in a contemporary story of three powerful personalities is quite unique.

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Chotu Tapriwala (Chai Tapri), Baner

Baner - Pashan Link Rd, Behind Veritas, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!