Summer Workshop at Math Cafe

May 27 | 12PM
Presidium School Gurgaon
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Venue- Presidium, Mayfield Garden, Sector 57,Gurugram, Haryana.

The 2 week workshop is a structured program to engage your children in Play time as they learn and understand not just Math concepts but also the much needed 21st century skills like time management, confidence, strategic thinking, problem solving and more!

Day one:

Unleash the energies of young students and channel them into quick paced games focusing on time management.

Day two:

Use the time management skills to break the barriers of luck and strategize play plans with a healthy use of probability and chance to lose or Win. 

Day Three:

We will work with students to challenge them and focus on their Problem Solving Skills!

Day Four:

To improve their Creative Thinking this day is dedicated to Pattern Making Games!

Day five:

With Problem Solving and Creative Thinking it is important to put on the hat of Strategic thinking and so day five will bring out strategic games and compel strategic thinking behaviour!

Day six:

Half the battels are won with Confidence by your side; hence this day is dedicated to boost your confidence towards the subject and push away the fear of Math!

Day seven:

Today we let you become Explorers and let you explore the science of Paper folding and its relevance in maths!

Day Eight:

Applying the brains and knowledge we have is the skill that has lacked to develop and so the day is filled with games and activities to unlock your Cognitive skills.

Day Nine:

Boost Creative thinking even more today as we focus on development of Visual and Spatial thinking!

Day Ten:

The day is dedicated to indulge children in games and activities that revolve around Decision Making! Decision making is the most important 21st century skill to have so that children can become independent and learn to make the right choices.


All these days talk about various skills buts what is common on all days is a lot of Games and fun and many Mathematical concepts being explored. Also The first step towards better Math education is to be fearless and exploratory outlook towards the subject! The workshop will help find the Mathmagician in you! 




Presidium School Gurgaon

Mayfield Garden, Sector 57, Gurugram, Haryana 122003

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!