Sumptuous Sushi

July 30 | 11AM

Culinary Craft, Powai Plaza



With over a thousand years of history and tradition, Sushi has a lot of significance in Japan, apart from the heart-melting taste. One of the most popular Japanese dishes, Sushi requires patience and precision. We at Culinary Craft will help you learn the art of cooking Sushi within 3 hours, a skill you will cherish for a lifetime. Join our professional Japanese chef to learn and cook these beauties.


Prawn Tempura Roll
California Roll Veg
Asparagus Tempura Roll
Salmon Nigiri
Kappa Maki


Culinary Craft, Powai Plaza

Powai Plaza, Central Ave, Hiranandani Gardens, Sainath Nagar, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076

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