Table No.13 with Chef Pablo Naranjo Agular

January 18 | 8PM

Le 15 Cafe, Colaba


Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!


At this Chefs Table, you won't be dining in the kitchen, but Chefs Pablo Naranjo Agular and Pooja Dhingra will cook a surprise menu with anything that's currently catching their fancy. For Table No.13 the chefs take a break from the usual cafe style fare but still maintain the no-fuss environment for a gourmet multiple-course meal by Chef Pablo or Dessert Tastings and High-tea menus by Chef Pooja. Our second event in this series is a carnival for carnivores, get set for seven luscious courses of an all non-vegetarian menu.

Why No.13?

It might be superstitious or just common practice, but at most restaurants, Table “13” doesn’t exist. We’ve decided to explore the restaurant’s creative and culinary boundaries through it’s fleeting existence that will pop-up only once a month at Le 15, Colaba.


Le 15 Cafe, Colaba

Shop No. 18, Lansdowne House, MB Marg, Near Apollo Hotel, Opposite Lings Pavillion, Colaba,, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

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