Tadpatri Talkies Present Gari-B & Friends

Tadpatri Talkies Present Gari-B & Friends

October 11 | 9PM
The High Spirits, Pune
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In case you're looking out for the most recent fire in desi hip-hop, you'll also get giggles for free. Mumbai-based parody group, Tadpatri Talkies, as of late presented another character named Gari-B, a hard up rapper who lives on a lifetime supply of bhel, however he knows he's the best in the business! They’re in town and here to make you laugh your ass off this Wednesday night for a mid-week sesh!

Gari-B is a character developed by Tadpatri Talkies, who was born out of the gully rap phenomenon that reached peak popularity in 2016. Voiced by Anmol Gawand a.k.a. EMF & performed by Sidharth Raveendran, the character is a whimsical mixture of visual gags, stylistic parody & hard-hitting satire.

'Gari-B Ki Kahaani' is now standing close to 30,000 views, collectively on YouTube and Facebook, winning support & accolades from a diverse range of subcultures, from the very hip-hop scene it germinated from to the standup comedy, sketch humour & rock/metal scene as well.

Following the success & the following the song has generated, Tadpatri Talkies also put out the second hard-hitting single 'Aankh Bandh Tapli (A.B.T.)' which has amused audiences & was supplemented by a PR campaign that played a prank on the entire audience & added to the hype.

Tadpatri Talkies are now ready with a full length hip-hop album featuring the character which will be released in October with a live tour.

Tadpatri Talkies is a sketch comedy group, and a collective of multitalented content producers, who represent a very left of centre, absurd and extremely kitschy (almost gonzo) side of humour that’s powered by the visual aesthetics and structure of underground cable TV pop culture.

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The High Spirits, Pune

North Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!