TBK feat. Kirim Tikka & Nalli Nihari

October 27 - 28 | 12:30PM
The Bohri Kitchen, Colaba
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Miss this one at your own risk! Our Chicken Kirim Tikka & Nalli Nihari is a combination as unique as our Chief Eating Officer’s Moustache.

The Spread

Kharaas (Savoury Dishes)
Smoked Mutton Kheema Samosas: The TBK Signature - Crunchy patti samosas stuffed with smoked minced kheema, coriander & spring onions

Chicken Kirim Tikka:
Boneless chicken marinated in Mom-Chef’s special spices, bread crumbed and fried in lots of warmth

Raan in Red Masala:
1-1.5 kg worth of leg of the lamb marinated for 48 hours in rich masalas and cooked for over 3 hours on high pressure. Garnished with salli wafers and coriander

Meethas (Sweet Dish)
Surprise Sweet Dish: Who doesn’t like surprises?

Lagan Nu Custard:
The Bohri egg custard. Made in a very fascinating way – we will tell you the story behind it when you come!

Jaman (Main Course)
Nalli Nihari with Shirmal: The classic dish found on the streets of Mohammed Ali Road, now made by Mom Chef in the Kapadia residence. Served with Shirmal – a popular Bohri flatbread which is soft and has a hint of sweetness

Kheema Khichdi:
The very comforting and simple khichdi made with smoked minced mutton kheema.. Goes perfectly with the Nalli Nihari

Saancha Ice cream

Welcome Drink
Jal Jeera Soda

Khajur & Dryfruit Chutney
Pineapple & Boondi Raita
Green Chutney & Limbu


The Bohri Kitchen, Colaba


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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!