Get Inspired By These TEDxGateway Talks, Through The Years

Get Inspired By These TEDxGateway Talks, Through The Years


TEDxGateway 2018 happens on Dec 2. To give you a taste of what's to come, check out these talks from past editions.

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TEDxGateway is an independently organized TED-like event that was introduced in 2010. Through the years, TEDxGateway has strived to bring together diverse speakers and audience members from various parts of the world. While you wait for this year's event (get tickets here), here's a trip down a very inspirational memory lane!

Dr. Saurabh Rane: "What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger", February 2018

Saurabh Rane is a Public Health specialist and an extremely drug resistant TB survivor. Witness his journey of how three tedious years of fighting TB has led to a lifetime of helping others fight it. Not just survive but thrive despite a TB diagnosis.

"If a man fails to adapt, he dies. But if a system fails to adapt - it takes thousands with it."

Raghu Raman: "Why Our Stereotypes Will Kill Us", December 2016

After being a speaker at TEDxGateway in 2015 as well, for the 2016 edition, Raghu Raman talks about the biases and stereotypes that shape today's society. Furthermore, he also speaks about how humans react when confronted about these stereotypes.

"We start believing that anyone who is not with us is by definition against us."

Hans Dalal: "Co-Existence or No Existence", December 2015

Professionally a sound engineer, Hans found out in 2007 that his true passion lies with wildlife, specifically tigers. In 2013, he successfully started an NGO named PROWL with his wife Avantika and this talk covers his journey till date while simultaneously living with celebral palsy.

"If we don't learn coexistence, there will be no existence."

Zenia Tata: "What Do You Prize?", November 2014

Zenia has spent more than 20 years in helping non-profit organizations or social ventures leverage a marketing opportunity. In this talk at TEDxGateway, she highlights the lack of power the ordinary people possess while talking about the 'Xprize' mission that fosters high-profile competitions to motivate innovation that help solve humanity's greatest challenges.

"90% of the brain power on our planet is frantically working to solve the problems of the wealthiest 10%."

Shashi Tharoor: "A Well Educated Mind vs A Well Formed Mind", December 2013

An Indian politician and former career international diplomat, Shashi Tharoor speaks eloquently on the issues of higher education in India and the need for the youth to have a well formed mind rather than just a well educated mind.

"With 17% of the world's brains, why do we only have 2.8% of the worlds research output coming out of our country?"

Vikram Patel: "Mental Health For All, By All", December 2012

Vikram Patel has dedicated a major part of his life by helping bring better mental health care to low-resource communities by training ordinary people to practice basic psychiatric services. In this talk, Vikram highlights the importance of shifting the task of mental healthcare to local individuals rather than specialists by recounting his experiences from across the rural regions of India.

"In order for us to achieve health for all, we need to involve all in the journey."

Raghava KK: "One of the Most Remarkable People in the World", November 2011

Raghava KK is a renowned Indian artist whose work includes paintings, sculptures, instillations and performances that focus on his views on identity, conformity, gender and more. At TEDxGateway, he recounted the struggles and experiences of his life and the importance of giving back as a key for happiness.

"I promise to bias my children with as many perspectives as possible."

Ruma Roka & Vim van Egmond, "Creating Jobs For The Differently Abled", December 2012

Ruma dreamed of one day opening a school for special ability children which inspired her to learn sign language in 2004. A year later, she founded the NGO Noida Deaf Society which now has 5 centers across three states of India. At TEDxGateway, she aimed to highlight the struggles of the differently abled in society and to encourage the audience to become more aware of their cause.

"Accept diversity as inherent in nature"

Trisha Prabhu, "Stop Cyberbullying Before The Damage Is Done", November, 2014

A high school freshman at the time, Trisha introduced ReThink, a product that gives adolescents a chance to reconsider before posting on social media, if it's offensive. In this talk, she speaks of the growth and effects of cyber bullying and of her efforts to prevent it.

"Rethink before the damage is done"

Wim Van Egmond, "A Journey Inside the Micro-World", December 2016

Wim Van Egmond is an independent photography artist whose work brings science and art together and is often used as scientific illustrations. He spent several years creating images, content and films for the development of a unique museum of microbes named Micropia in Amsterdam.At TedxGateway, Wim gave the audience a sneak peak into the micro-world with interesting facts and funny experiences.

"You don't have to be a scientist to make discoveries"

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