Testing Times a Stand Up Show By Mandar Bhide

April 19 | 8PM
The Goose and Gridiron
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Catch some of the funniest comics in Mumbai doing the freshest content with the sole purpose of helping you forget about your worries and laugh that work stress away. So get yourselves some tickets and join us for a night of hilarity!

Mandar Bhide

Somewhat overweight, moderately funny and completely married, Mandar Bhide sells chocolates for a living. He is the closest thing to Santa Claus Maharashtra has to offer. But his wife bars him from wearing red. She lets him be on Tinder though as she thinks it's cute.<be> Mandar is rumored to have eaten an entire crate of chocolates to meet his sales target but it was actually just another Monday.
He is not all soft though and can swear in four different Indian languages. This useful ability has been featured at all major comedy venues across Mumbai and Pune and may soon reduce his dependence on chocolates or Tinder...hopefully both.

Catch him doing a whole hour of jokes at The Goose & Gridiron, CST. See you there! </be>


The Goose and Gridiron

Opp Sterling Theatre, Murzaban Street, Fort, Mumbai-400001, Mumbai-400001, Azad Maidan, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!