The CuriousCity Challenge

May 24 | 4PM

Cross Maidan Garden, Churchgate


Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!


You’ve lived in Mumbai for so many years, but have you ever explored your own city like a traveler? Discover hidden secrets of the city and get a glimpse of its historic buildings, culture, heritage, local food and fantastic people. Re-visit your childhood, get a different perspective on the sights you've been to, go to places you never knew existed and also, meet new people!


Cross Maidan Garden, Churchgate

Cross Maidan Garden, Churchgate

Terms & Conditions

  1. Ticket cost is only registration fee. It does not include any food, travel or other expenses that you may have to incur during the treasure hunt
  2. Only a few tasks require you to spend money and you might want to use cabs to get around faster. We suggest you carry a little extra cash (About Rs 100 -150 per person)
  3. We will not refund money if participants come after the hunt begins. Please be on time
  4. Tickets cannot be refunded if the participant cannot make it for the treasure hunt. However, they are transferable. Please send us an email with the details of the new participant.
  5. If you have participated in The CuriousCity Challenge earlier (conducted in Sept 2014), please do not register for this one. We cannot allow you to participate, even if you have paid for your ticket.
  6. In the event of a natural disaster or heavy rain, we will re-schedule the event to a different date. Most likely, a Sunday.
  7. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes and carry a bottle of water
  8. We will make teams of 3-4 people on the day of the treasure hunt. You cannot register your group as a team. Enjoy this hunt with people you don't know!
  9. Some tasks require you to take pictures. If you don't have a phone with a good camera, please carry a digital camera with you
  10. You can get your own car to move around during the hunt. Parking etc at your own risk
  11. The team that completes all tasks assigned CORRECTLY in the lease possible time, wins a special gift
  12. If you are paying for your friends, be sure to send us details of each of them via email at
  13. This experience is owned and conducted by Some Place Else