The Ganesh Talkies

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The Ganesh Talkies is an alt-rock band from Kolkata, which was formed in mid 2011. The band consists of SuyashaSengupta (vocals, guitars), Ronodeep Bose (guitars), Nabarun Bose (harmonium, keyboards), Roheet Mukherjee (bass) and Arka Das (drums).These Kolkata kitsch rockers are the kind to make you dance all night with their BappiLahiri-inspired tunes and some 80’s-inspired stage moves. The band has just the right amount of RHCPish funk with their disco-synths, tight basslines, their zany stage spunk, and of course, the costumes. While visually you might be transported to ‘Disco-82’ days, the band’s music has happy, shiny guitar riffs, groove-worthy basslines, tight drum work, and SuyashaSengupta’s powerful vocals and unforgettable stage performance.For their set, make sure you wear some bling!

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