The Garhgaon Palace (Kareng Ghar, Ahom Raja's Palace), Garhgaon

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Ahom Raja’s Palace
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The Ahom Raja's palace is a four-storied building built in gradually receding tiers. One of the most interesting features of the monument is that eggs and rice were used to make the mortar for the construction rather than any kind of cement. The palace was badly damaged because of the locals procuring raw materials from the structure. Book tickets to this architectural marvel that depicts the glory of the Ahom kings.

Things to see

  • The 66 pillars that used to support the entire structure.
  • Solang Ghar.
  • The two remaining watchtowers of the palace.

How to get there?

  • The nearest airport is the Jorhat Airport a.k.a Rowriah Airport
  • Simaluguri Junction is the nearest railway station, about 2.4 km away.
  • You can take buses from ASTC Bus Station.


Ahom Raja’s Palace

The Garhgaon Palace (Kareng Ghar, Ahom Raja's Palace), Garhgaon, Garhgaon, Garhgaon, Sivasagar, Assam, 785685


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