The Kalkutta Komedians

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Started in late 2012 by RaoufGangjee, KalkuttaKomedianscame together whenthere were hardly any stand-up comedians in the city. Their first open-mic, to discover new talent, was held on November 10, 2012, and within a year, stand-up comedians were standing up, nay springing up everywhere, and there is no shortage of them now. The group hopes for the day when the city's politicians acquire a sense of humor and become intentionally rather than unintentionally funny.Although the group is only a year old, they’ve seen audiences by the thousands and hosted comedians like Vir Das, Cyrus Broacha, and Andy Zaltzman, along with the best talent in the comedy scene from Bombay and Delhi. Look out for them if you are heading to the city in the East.

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