The Unread Diaries of Amandeep and Yahya

May 31 | 7:15PM
ODEUM, Crystal Point Mall


The Unread Diaries of Amandeep and Yahya would be an exclusive live show which will have a set of stories combined with poems. Where both the storytellers are out on a journey to find feelings and on their way they come across different forms of feeling that have made up life for them. The tellers will time and again come on stage to give duet performances and transitions from one piece to another. The feelings of love, affection, anger, despair, regret and hope is what we all are made of. We have learned about these stories from the stories we have lived. And then both the stories and and feeling have together made us what we are today. So they will come together bring out all those stories in an amalgamated form to celebrate life around them. 

Jaipur - 15th May

Delhi - 16th May

Patiala - 17th May

Ludhiana - 18th May 

Chandigarh - 19th May

Dehradun – 20th May

Gurgaon – 21st May

Kanpur – 22nd May

Lucknow – 23rd May 

Indore – 24th May

Baroda – 25th May

Surat – 26th May

Ahmedabad – 27th May

Bangalore – 28th May

Hyderabad – 29th May

Pune – 30th May

Mumbai – 31st May


ODEUM, Crystal Point Mall

ODEUM, Crystal Point Mall, 213 - 2nd Floor, Above Star Bazaar, Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai - 53.

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