The Urdu Exhibit

September 26 | 7 PM
G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture, Mumbai
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Urdu is oft regarded as the language of love.

This month, as we launch our third issue focused on the theme ‘Urdu’, we delve deep into the origins and history of the language, the artists who’re painstakingly trying to keep it alive, the different representations of it and largely at how it’s a vehicle of peace. Given the current political environment – at home and around the globe – we expected to be faced with roadblocks on the way. But what we emerged with was Love. A lot of love.

Join us on Wednesday, September 20, and experience the language at the G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai. From viewing the visions of different photographers and their representation of the timeless Urdu poem ‘Before You Came’ by Faiz Ahmed Faiz to stepping into the future and exploring what the Urdu script will be in 2050 and from witnessing a mural conversation project between two artists – Zeenat Kulavoor in Mumbai and Sanki King in Karachi – that brings communities together to a short film on the talented Urdu calligraphers in Tonk, Rajasthan, it’s going to be an audio-visual journey like never before.

About G5A

About G5A : The G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture is a not-for-profit organization, that supports contemporary art and culture, good governance, and sustainability. Through a series of diverse programs and projects they are committed to nurturing a vibrant, safe, and inclusive platform that encourages the creative and just – in thought and expression. In doing so, their endeavor is to enrich people’s lives, rebuild resilient and responsible communities, and strengthen the cultural fabric of our community and city.

Artist Line-Up

Jatin Kampani / Aashim Tyagi / Farhan Hussain / Zeenat Kulvaoor / Sanki King / Furqan Jawed / Mohammad Aazad / Nasheet Shadani / Qamar Dagar / Yusuf Zamani / Aishwarya Arumbakkam / Aman Makkar / Aun Raza / Prashant Godbole / Anis Siddiqui / Khursheed Rehman / Annis Siddiqui / Amir Waseem Ahmad / Waseem Ahmed / Zafar Raza Khan / Vikas Maurya / Alif / Hussain Hadry


  • 05:00 PM : Mural Preview
  • 06:30 PM : Gates Open
  • 07:00 PM : Exhibit Begins
  • 08:30 PM : Hussain Hadry
  • 09:00 PM : Alif
  • 10:00 PM : Urdu Exhibit ends
  • Venue

    G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture, Mumbai

    Laxmi Mills Estate, Shakti Mills Lane Off Dr E Moses Road, Mahalaxmi Mumbai 400 011

    Terms & Conditions

    Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!