The Wryte Litfest ’18

June 9 | 10AM
Vrindawan lawns, Pune


Do you feel the lure of poetry reaching out to touch you? Are you often mesmerized as you drink in the soft words that roll across pages? Does the voice of your favourite performer bring an immediate smile on to your face? At The Wryte Litfest 2018, we promise to bring out the artist in you with mesmerizing performances, panel discussions, keynote address and workshops.

The Wryte Litfest '18, presented by A Writer's Haven, is a literary festival on the 9th of June 2018 that is aimed at discovering the process behind the creation of art rather than focusing solely on performance. How does an author write? What makes them write? We hope to uncover essential questions that will inspire a new generation of artists to indulge in the arts and dedicate their time to it.

1 day, over twenty speakers from across the world. What are you waiting for? Get your tickets today!


Olivia Gatwood
Sabrina Benaim
Rudy Francisco
Sam Cook


Vrindawan lawns, Pune

Sakal Nagar, Opp Nexa Showroom, Near Abhimanshree Society, Pune University Road, Aundh, Pune 411008

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