Them Boxer Shorts

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A band of boys who can’t wait to make you laugh! TBS consists of Bangalore-based lads Naveen Richard (who has an Amazon Prime special and whose Instagram character Uncle Francis has been creating waves), Mani Prasad, Aravind Anil Kumar, and Rahul Hota. These boys are known to shapeshift between the roles of comic, filmmaker and writer. They took center-stage on the Internet with Better Life Foundation, an acclaimed first-of-its-kind mockumentary that showcased their unique deadpan style comedy (sometimes it gets more awkward than meeting two exes at the same party). With content that infuses satire, music and sketch comedy, Them Boxer Shorts also wrote sketches for Comedy Central’s 2014 show The Living Room, and prides itself on serving an offbeat brand of humor that has something for everyone.

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