Time Travel Escape

Multiple Shows Daily
Clue Hunt - Fort
500 - 1,000


An extortionist group has threatened to release a strain of the deadly KU-39 virus in the city in 48 hours. Three top researchers have been urgently deployed to work on an antidote to counter this threat. However, last night after 36 hours of ground work, the antidote formula was mysteriously destroyed and the researchers were found dead. Without wasting any time, the Defence Department has decided to make use of the dead researchers untested secret project ‘The Time Machine’ to retrieve the formula from the past.

Can you search for clues to lead you to the Time Machine to turn back the clock and get your hands on the antidote formula in time to save the city? You have only 1 hour remaining


Clue Hunt - Fort

Clue Hunt, Verna Chambers, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai

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