Toba Tek Singh

May 13 | 7:30PM
Amphitheatre, Indian Habitat Centre, Delhi


The play is about a family comprising the male head Hasmukh Mehta, his wife Sonal, son Ajit and daughter-in-law, Preeti. Contrary to his name Hasmukh is a grouchy patriarch, full of himself. He tries to run his family with an iron hand and doesn’t appreciate independent thinking, even if it is his son’s. His wife, a simple housewife, unquestioningly follows his patriarchal norms. The daughter-in-law, too, abides by his code of rules. He doesn't relinquish control of his family even after his death. He tries to control them through his will, however he is in for a surprise.

Cast & Crew

Writer : Mahesh Dattani
Hindi Translation : Manjula Dass
Design & Direction : Sunil Rawat

Rashmi Singh, Aqsa Parveen, Sunil Rawat, Praveen Yadav Dharmender Sangwan, Pooja Pathak.


Amphitheatre, Indian Habitat Centre, Delhi

Lodhi Road, Near Airforce Bal Bharati School, New Delhi, Delhi 110003

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