Our Guide To Getaways From Bangalore

Tired of the city skyline? Time to sea the horizon differently! Go on a trip for pretty views of forests, mountains and more. Here's what your options are.

Camping: Let the crickets sing you a lullaby.

Set up camp near a lake (by the Nilgiris), on the beach (the classic Gokarna trip with a twist), or next to a fort (like at Nagara). Catch a beautiful sunrise or for you night owls, a calming sunset. There are camps that have movies, live music, and more. Some of the best camping involves those with adventure sports, which you can find at spots like Dandeli. Go barbecuing near Kaveri river, climb a mountain (such as Sakhleshpur), or be taken to a mystery destination (Pindrop Mystery Camps). Pick your kind from some fantastic camping experiences from Bangalore - some close by, some a little further away!

Trekking: Ain't no mountain high enough!

The incredible Western Ghats has something for every kind of hiker: Kodachadri, an easy trek with tremendous views. Kopatty shows you a different side of Coorg. You can also make your first trek, one at night! Try that at Kunti Betta, Wayanad and Skandagiri. Whether you're planning your first trek (you should!), or your 50th, check out some fantastic treks near Bangalore.

Cycling: Travel with a different kind of gear.

Feel the wind in your hair as you pedal through various terrains! Try cycling in forests like the Muthathi forest, or go on a cycling trip to Savanadurga. Save on petrol and get closer to nature. (Taking the cycle means you won't have to fight over the music playlist either). Find cycling events around Bangalore here.

Adventure sports: Channel your inner ninja in the midst of nature!

Push yourself on this trip and try your hand at adventure sports! There are white water rafting and waterfall rappelling, to try at spots like Ramnagara. Go kayaking at Manchanabele and other travel destinations just around the city! There are motorcycle tours as well to spend some quality time with your bike. Kickstart your journey by exploring adventure events in Bangalore here.

For the 'oomph' factor

Check out offbeat travel events for trips with a twist! You can go on a photography expedition, try a silent disco party at Gokarna, and more. Knock off destinations like Sikkim, Ladakh or Bhutan from your bucket list too!

Not a fan of the outdoors?

No problem! We've got lots more for you to do within city limits - live comedy & music and more on Insider.in!

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