The Insider Guide To Travel Near Bangalore

The Insider Guide To Travel Near Bangalore

The rains have ceased, it's the perfect time to head outdoors - the greenery is at its best and you don't have to worry about getting wet!

Try your hand (and feet!) at trekking!

It's the perfect time to trek the Western Ghats, for all levels of trekkers. Kodachadri is an easy trek with tremendous views - it's also the 10th highest peak in the state! Willing to go a little further? Kopatty will show you a different side of Coorg. And hey, why not make your first trek a night one? No better place to start than Kunti Betta.

If you're considering your first trek (you should!), check out the Insider Guide to getting started with this thrilling activity. It's addictive - you've been warned!

For trekkers with a little more experience

Up your game! Go on a night trek to Antargange (with caves!), explore something new with the Baamikonda-Kilchika trek or Nishani Motte treks. Good ol' Kudremukh still is considered a trekker's delight. And if you're looking to get away a little further, try the MM Hills getaway, or go all the way to Kerala for the Munnar to Kodaikanal trek! More in our Trekking Guide!

Other fun adventures worth your while

Try your hand, err legs at surfing at Namma Udipi, go kayaking in Mangalore or river rafting in Coorg. Spot some tigers on safari in Pench! If you're not feeling particularly adventurous, unwind and take a stroll through history at Hampi.

Not a fan of the outdoors?

No problem! We've got lots more for you do within city limits - live comedy & music, food, workshops & more on Insider!

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