True School Ableton Performance Course

July 9 - August 1 | 3PM
True School Of Music, Mumbai
30,000 (EMI Available)


Ableton Live is a fantastic choice for artists and DJs who want to perform live. This course shows you how to use Ableton to perform live whether as an artist or creative DJ. You'll learn how to set up controllers and mixers plus how to mash up beats and acapellas to create your own unique remixes and re-edits. Come, get creative.

Introduction & Setup
Session & Arrangement Views
Creating DJ Templates
Warping Audio Files
Warping an Entire Track
Using Controllers
Push 2
The Lemur
Mash-ups & Remixing
Effects & Processing
Performing a Live Set
Recording Your Mix

Class Format and Schedule

1 month
Two classes a week x 2 hours
Mondays 3 pm to 5 pm | Wednesdays 3 pm to 5 pm


True School Of Music, Mumbai

No. 107, Sun Mill Compound, Opp. Hanuman Temple,Lower Parel

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