#TrySomethingNew: Sip n Swap Party

#TrySomethingNew: Sip n Swap Party

Try Something New

In the age of speed dating and online conversations, this man from Mumbai came up with an idea of swapping books with strangers and uniting all bibliophiles. Read about it here.

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Meet 24-year old Priyesh Thakker, the man behind the Sip and Swap Party. What is it exactly? He describes the party as speed dating with books. Each pair gets 5 minutes on the table to pitch their book and if they like each other’s book then they swap it, and if not, they move on to the next partner.

Priyesh, a mass-media graduate, was inspired by one of his friends who decided to give away books that she has already read. Having found it interesting, he decided to plan a tiny get-together where people could swap their books. Amazingly, the number of people grew from 15 to 60 in the first two parties itself.

Priyesh believes books are a great way to start conversations and maybe find someone who shares a common interest with you and grow a friendship. The
thought behind the Sip and Swap party is to bring people offline and make them interact with each other in a world where we are constantly looking at our phones and tapping. He plans to continue the party in different locations and meet new and exciting people while discovering new books.

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