Tushar Abhichandani

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Once TusharAbhichandanirealized he couldn’t make enough money as a freelance journalist and a TV writer, he started doing comedy on the side. This Sindhi-in-denial and pseudo-intellectual has written for comics like the Tinkle Digest (ShikariShambu, Tantri The Mantri, Defective Detectives and Kalia The Crow)and National Geographic, and his greatest passion is sleeping in the day and working at night. The comedian has worked as a writer and performer with VirDas’Weirdass Comedy, where he co-wrote/created numerous stand-up comedy properties likeWeirdassPolitricks and Weirdass Jukebox, and performed them at venues across Mumbai. He enjoys rajmachawaland talking about the eight months that he spent living in Brazil. His comedy is full of angst and generally addresses his community.

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