Udayagiri Caves, Vidisha

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Caves 1 to 20 Udaygiri Vidisha
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Udayagiri Caves have sculptures in a beautifully refined style. Built in the Gupta period, it also houses possibly the oldest representation of the elephant god Ganesha - dating back to about the fifth century CE. With some of the oldest Hindu temples, the set of 20 caves are a great spot to see how religious representations have evolved over time.

Things to see

  • Cave 5 has one of the most celebrated sculptures of Vishnu in the Varaha or boar avatar,
  • Cave 5 also has Interesting stone relief of Chandragupta Maurya II kneeling behind the Naga king - a possible political metaphor?
  • Sculptures of Durga slaying Mahishasura, and Samudragupta standing in the waves

How to get there?

  • You can grab a bus from Bhopal to Vidisha, which takes about one hour. 
  • Trains from various parts of Madhya Pradesh stop at Vidisha Station. From here you can hire an auto to the caves.


Caves 1 to 20 Udaygiri Vidisha

Udayagiri Caves, Vidisha, Nagar Palika Station Road, Swarnkar Colony, Baripura, Vidisha, Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, 464001


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