Under 25 Student Lab - Crush The Crisis | Individual Registration

Under 25 Student Lab - Crush The Crisis | Individual Registration

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Invite your friends

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Under 25 Student Lab

Crush The Crisis  

It’s been almost 100 years since the last pandemic. This pandemic has killed over half a million people across the world, played the role of a catalyst in an inevitable economic fallout and is currently testing relationships between countries. We are surrounded by chaos, but it’s in times of chaos that we truly give birth to the best of ideas.

Resolving moments of deep crisis reflect our capabilities to achieve extraordinary growth.

The crisis canagement trial tests your abilities of communication, adaptability, creativity, self-control and relationship management.

Who Are We?


Before we get into all of that, HIIIIIIII! We hope you’re feeling incredible (we know, it can get difficult at times like this). Sending you all lots of love and hugs and also some good news.

“What good news?” Read on friends, read on!


Okay so for those of you who don’t know about us, we are a youth culture and media brand working towards building a better today for youngsters, like yourself, through experiences, content and technology.

^That was the ‘corporate’ answer. Here’s the real answer: So the deal is that we love you. And we create stuff that you love and stuff that helps all of us grow. This can be through your Instagram feed or live events or tech. The whole gig.


With a community of over 200,000 students in colleges across the country and over a million and half followers across our media network, we are currently India’s largest youth community!

This journey is seven years old. But really, we’ve only just begun!



Under 25 Student Lab

Say Whaaaaaaat?


‘Student Lab?’

I mean you literally just got a break from having to run around in college for ‘Practicals’ (Pfft, most of that was not ‘practical’ at all).

But trust us, you’re going to love this.

Here at Under 25, we often push people to follow their dreams. But, some of us are pushed into the real world with our futures already decided. And we are usually pushed in with this fake promise of “You can follow your passion after finishing engineering.”

It’s like our parents have been doing these tried and tested experiments on us and we never got a real shot at going after what we really wanted and to create some real freaking impact. You feel us?


We want to change that, we know it’s easier said than done. Doing what you love is a privilege and we want to help you do that by bringing together all of our resources.


In simple words, The Under 25 Student Lab has been built with the purpose of shaping student leaders to solve for real life problems. We know that you have so many talents and ideas that can really change this world for the better (we’ve seen it first hand). We want to bring all of these talents together, through the Student Lab.



So how are we doing this?

Here’s a Blue Print that’ll summarize the experience you’re going to have:

Step 1: You participate in a series of Trials.

Step 2: The wackiest minds get chosen to compete in various rounds that will have an elimination process.

Step 3: There will be 5 Trials and only the 6 winners.

Step 4: The Top 6 get to collaborate with the BIGGEST brands and mentors.

Step 5: Together, we will experiment with various problems and come up with the best solutions.

It’s your time to change the world!


What can you expect?

The New Age of Virtual Experiences - A space like no other. An experience that’s one of its kind. An experience that ticks all the boxes of a live experience all at the comfort and safety of your home. You get to have fun right where you are, no hassle.

Stand out - A chance to prove to millions that you deserve this experience. This isn’t about your college or your friends. This is about you and what you want to do with your future.

We give only the best - A judging experience from the best the industry has to offer across all our events. These judges are skilled and experienced, advice from our curated judges will take you a long way.

We have surprises - Remember, you won’t be walking out empty handed. Cash prizes, rewards, goodies, chance to work with industry veterans and SO much more!

The Under 25 Student Lab Index:

*You’ll need to know what these words mean as you go deeper into the Student Lab


Trial Heads: Event Heads.

The Trial Head will be responsible for the events you want to participate in. If you have any questions or problems, hit them up.


Trials: Event

Each event will be referred to as a Trial. Participating in the Trials will help you move forward to various rounds and the winner of every Trial will be the Top 6.

Trial Points: Scores.

You will be given Trial Points after every round. The more point you have the better chances of you qualifying to the next round.


What can I expect from the Under 25 Student Lab?


-         The Trials

 5 competitions to test 500+ teams. To really stand out and make it to the Under 25 Student Lab you need to push your boundaries with new ideas, concepts and challenges across 5 genres. Through these Trials you will be made to think new age and might even change the world.

You need to stand out and express your thoughts as loudly as possible. Remember why you’re participating and what this would mean to you. Put your dream first and your best foot forward. It’s time to put all your experiments to test.

1) Crush The Crisis

*Crisis Management

2) The Reel Life

*Pop Culture Quiz

3) Voice Out

*Speaking Event

4) What's In The News.


5) Media Mogul

*Media Event

-         Student Lab Kit:

Only 6 students across the country will get an opportunity to be a part of the Under 25 Student Lab. The Student Lab Kit will be given to our top 6. This kit consists of equipment and tools necessary to the Top 6, these tools will guide you to work your way through the real world. This kit is designed to help you focus on getting the best results.

-         The Real World:

The Under 25 Student Lab’s top 6 gets an opportunity to work with our brand partners to help in solving their case studies, in specific to the relationships that brands share with youngsters. The top 6 students now have the opportunity to build a project that would reach millions of people. It’s your time to change the way the world thinks.

(We thought it was time to get real. You’re no longer dealing with text book problems like Ramu buying 75 Watermelons. You now need to figure out what Ramu CAN do with those 75 watermelons)

-         The Best Mentorship:

We aren’t going to throw you into the real world without any help. We have the best of the best to guide you to get there.

Tackling real world case studies requires some real-world experience. This is only possible if students get the right mentorship. We pair these 6 winners to learn with industry experts to further build their knowledge and strengthen their solutions.

-         Collaborative experiences:

Building relationships and networks is a very key lesson that many of us students don’t give enough importance too. The Under 25 Student Lab brings about a new collaborative approach of working on projects.

You may have heard people tell you “Network, Talk to people! You can do it” but they never tell you how to meet these people or what exactly you need to say or WHERE to meet them! Right here.


The Under 25 Student Lab: The Trials

Crush The Crisis

*Crisis Management

Trial Head: Ryan Gonsalves

Contact: ryan@under25.club

Hold up! It doesn’t end here…

Winners of all the trials would qualify to our Top 6.

From here on, we enter the real world.

The Top 6 will move to collaborating with Under 25 and working with brands and mentors for problems that they are facing. We will put our creative front forwards and tackle problems in order to come up with the best solutions.

These problems can be anything from cracking the next big campaign, building movements, creating products that solve for their stresses or even changing Indian mindsets!

Welcome to the real world.

Under 25 Student Lab
Terms & Conditions


Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!

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