unSeen @IGNITE! 2016

14 October 2016 | 5 PM & 8 PM

OddBird Theatre, Delhi


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unSeen is based on Rabindranath Tagore’s letter ‘Ramabai-er Baktritar Upalakhse’ (letter with reference to Ramabai’s speech). In 1891, Tagore attended a lecture by Ramabai, where she said that women can do anything that men can, except drinking alcohol. In a highly disputable response to her, he points out how nature has made women weaker than men, physically and intellectually, and the necessity, therefore, to follow the ‘law of compensation’. unSeen is a critique of how society shapes the idea of femininity or the ‘woman’ across cultures.


Design and Direction: Vishnupad Barve

Performance: Kalyanee Mulay

Lights: Nazia Khan

Stage Management: Gayatri Joshi

*PHOTO: Ramesh Varma


OddBird Theatre, Delhi

Dhan Mill Compound, 100 Foot Road, SSN Marg, Chhattarpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

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