Vikram Sathaye

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Using cricket and trivia to convince people that he is a funny man, stand-up comedian VikramSathaye earned his 15 minutes of fame during the 2006 CEAT Cricket Awards (he kept dishing out one punchline after another). The comedian and writer’s repertoire now extends beyond crickets and includes other kinds of sports, politics, current affairs, Bollywood, popular culture and solutions for marital disputes. His acts are co-written by his former MTV colleague Suhail Bagdadi, better known as ‘Baba Baghdadi.’ In 2014, he released his book How Sachin Destroyed My Life (which featured a foreword by Sachin Tendulkar) that was received with great reviews. Cricketer Rahul Dravid said, “You expect a Vikram Sathaye book to be funny and entertaining. This one is and it's also insightful and enlightening.”

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