April 15 | 4:25PM - May 31 | 4:25PM
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Highlight your inherent beauty by finding the most flattering hues according to your skin tone, hair shade and eye color. Skip fleeting fads and discover what looks best on beautiful you—forever and always. For years, fashion stylists and makeup artists have relied on Personal Color Analysis as their special tool, and now we are empowering you with YOUR OWN COLOR PALETTE.

What is Seasonal Color Analysis? There are some colors that make your skin glowing , youthful and younger. People compliment you. There are some colors that make you look washed out

Why should you get it done by us ? Color Analysis is done by only a handful of Certified Image Consultants in the world. Shubha Joshi, our chief Image Consultant and Founder of The Image Launchpad is a Certified Image Consultant from London Image Institute.

Why is it important? People shop being unaware of their 'wow colors'. They often end up buying clothes that may make them look good in the trail-room but later look washed out. You can wear any color but the brightness/dullness, lightness/darkness and the warm/cool within the color matters. Once you know your palette you are sure of what you are buying. So, you save money, time and effort. All three!!

In this consultation you will:

  •  Get your own color pallette
  •  Learn which colors to avoid
  •  Find your best neutrals

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