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Create memorable online experiences for your employees, clients and patrons. Company events made fun with carefully designed social features.


Let’s plan your next company event

Craft fun employee engagement activities that offer a unique experience every time. Features on our platform are multipurpose and can be customised to meet your requirements.

partner meets

award shows

team building activities

town halls

customer engagements

All-in-one employee engagement solution

We’ll help you plan, host and execute your digital employee engagement activities with ease. Our team can source the right talent and assist you with technical queries before and during your event.

Curation and Programming

We’ll connect you with the right artists, speakers and workshop facilitators to help organise your event. Host artist-led shows across genres like music, comedy, dance, or expert-led training sessions and skill-based workshops that nurture hobbies and interests.

Easy-to-use platform

Our web-based player supports both pre-recorded and live-streamed content. It comes equipped with interactive features and unique virtual engagement tools that help beat webinar fatigue.

Facilitation and Support

A dedicated team will work with you to build a seamless digital experience your teams will enjoy. They will provide the technical guidance and support before and during the event, to guarantee a hassle free experience for you.

No installation required

Get easy access to our premium digital player which is completely web-based and compatible with all browsers. No additional app installation required, employees need to click on a link to join your event.

Get creative with these inbuilt interactive features

Your next digital employee engagement activity could be your best one yet! Work with our team to create unique experiences that encourage employees to connect on live chat or private video chat, discuss solutions, compete and network with each other during an event.

Games 🎉

Create and publish polls, Q&A and assign points on a live scoreboard. Use this feature to reward, get feedback and gamify the shared experience.
Reward employees during a training session
Run a poll and get feedback during an all-hands meet

Parties 👻

Connect and network in smaller groups during an event, by enabling teammates to create private video groups used to interact and chat with each other during a session.
Use this as breakout rooms to encourage discussions
Get on a private video chat with your teammates and enjoy a performance

Videos 📸

Feature clips of employees enjoying their favourite moments under a spotlight video section seen by your audience.
Get your employees to upload a short video
clip of them enjoying a performance and have them featured on the stage.

Multi Stage
Support 🚥

Host multiple sessions or discussions simultaneously using the multi stage setup which allows employees to seamlessly switch between them during your company event.
Organise different workshops employees can choose from
Let your employees switch between sessions easily

Customizable to support your requirements

Our virtual employee engagement platform comes equipped with features that help you brand, manage and track your digital employee engagement activities. Whether you are hosting a town hall, team building activity, networking session or partner meet, the player can be customized and branded to support your needs.
Video packaging with branding options
Compatible with streaming softwares
Chromecast Support
Track and analyse data
No limit on audience size
Web-based with no app installation required

Get The Whole Tailor Made Package

Premium Digital Platform

A state-of-the-art web-based solution that supports live-streamed and pre-recorded content. Power-packed with interactive features that offer unique virtual engagement tools that help beat webinar fatigue.

Artist Curation

Artist-led shows across genres like music, comedy, dance. Expert-led training sessions, skill based workshops that nurture hobbies and interests. We curate for you, so you can choose from the best of talent.

Facilitation & Support

Partner with a dedicated team to create out-of-the box virtual employee engagement activities your teams will enjoy. Get technical support before and during an event to ensure a hassle free experience.

Power-packed with interactive features.

Features on our online streaming player go beyond just content consumption with video and chat options.

live leaderboard
Live Leaderboard
Q & A
Fill in the Blanks
Streaming Chat

Interactive Games

Publish polls, Q&A and track results in real-time on a scoreboard. Use it to reward employees or to check-in and get feedback during training sessions. Introduce some friendly competition between teams by gamifying the shared experience

Watch Parties

Connect and network in smaller groups during the event, by enabling teammates to create private video groups used to interact and chat with each other during a session.

Spotlight Videos

Feature clips of employees enjoying their favorite moments under a spotlight video section seen by all viewers.

Chromecast Support

Employees can cast the stream onto their big screens at home and participate in training sessions, workshops or simply sit back and enjoy a performance.

Multi Stage Setup

Host multiple sessions or discussions simultaneously using the multi stage setup which allows employees to seamlessly switch between them during your company event.


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Case studies and articles

If you are looking to plan your next company event, these articles will help guide you through the process.

Featured Genres

Powerful Show Control

Live Leaderboard

Score your audience on questions and have fun with a scoreboard that updates in real time. It's a lot more engaging this way.

Control Show Flow

Once you've got everything set-up, you can choose to do a test run or go live. In exactly one click.

Realtime Chat

Join the chat & keep a close eye on what your audience is talking about.
Keep bad language out with our
automated profanity moderation.


Our 360-degree support system helps you transform your events online with ease.

Knowledge Base

Insights and best practices for making your online events successful, curated by industry experts.

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“This is the best way to perform without leaving the house and for people to laugh without leaving their house. It’s funny how the platform is now literally what we are doing. Insider is making sure I’m staying Insider.”


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What kind of company events can I host on this online streaming platform?


We have built out this web-based platform to support and facilitate your efforts to bring employees, clients, consumers and patrons together in a digital set-up. Host a range of virtual employee engagement activities during work from home including virtual game nights, employee talent night, company townhalls or artist-led performances. Organize digital team building activities and workshops, using the interactive features on our platform.

How is this platform different from traditional video conferencing tools?


We offer you an end-to-end solution that comes equipped with a platform to host your event, a team that can source the right artists and speakers, and the technical assistance you need to put together a successful digital employee engagement activity.

How do I register and get access to the platform?


Get in touch with us by filling in this form and our team of experts will get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Do I need to download an app to use this platform?


This is a complete web-based platform which means you and your team can access it easily without having to download a specific app.

Is there any specific browser the platform is compatible with?


There is no limitation on the browsers that can be used to access our online streaming platform. It is compatible with all browsers.

What streaming software can be integrated with the platform?


Any streaming software that accepts a streaming endpoint with a password can be used to stream into our online streaming platform. Commonly used software include OBS and StreamYard.

Have more doubts? View all FAQs.