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Diplomathon Global has touched the lives of over 600K students, teachers and global citizens in the past 5 years to create strong, meaningful and high impact learning platforms PAN India to amplify the importance of being world ready and enhance soft skills through most popular conferences and experiential sessions. This journey filled with milestones - both yours and ours has been even more important to the daily activity at our organisation. In a crisis such as this, your support with us will prove to be a need for our speed! It takes an ecosystem to curate and bring life to our experiential conferences with our in-house members and team of volunteers, vendors, partners, support staff, learners and trainer community. You and us are both anticipating for normalcy to set in, and once again meet at a future Diplomathon Global conference in your city - where millennials meet diplomacy!

How It Works?

Select a Voucher for the desired amount
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Redeem the Voucher for your next Diplomathon Global conference!
This is a voucher of trust, value and continued faith in us, and the amount you pay shall be redeemed for any one Diplomathon Global conference (Valid Till June 2021). Yes, you got it right & it also confirms your registration for your chosen program. We thank you all for supporting our framework as we continue to work behind the scenes & craft this journey for a brighter tomorrow!

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