What To Do This Weekend In Bangalore: June 16-17

Don't let the monsoons dampen your spirit, there's lots happening in Bangalore this weekend - a one-man band, live screening for Spain vs Portugal, a new workout, blindfolded meal experiences, & a wall art workshop!

Have you tried BungFly?
8 AM, Sat & Sun, Dhurii
This new acrobatic workout form helps with getting your whole body working, while you're suspended on a harness from the ceiling! It's a blend of dance, fitness, acrobatics and resistance training against ropes that pull you upwards!

Here's your chance to be a graffiti artist
10:30 AM, Saturday, ASHA Academy for Severe Handicaps and Autism
Pick up scribbling, and other aspects of wall art at this six-hour workshop! The aim of the workshop is to express yourself using colour, shape, & motion to express yourself using graffiti techniques!

Eat a meal with a sensory twist
Multiple timings, Saturday & Sunday, Blindfold - The Experience Restaurant

Have you ever eaten a meal in the dark? Without looking at one's food, our interaction with it changes. Flavours and smells are heightened, textures stand out, and we experience the meal very uniquely with a blindfold on!

FIFA World Cup game of the weekend: Spain vs Portugal!
11 PM, Friday, Xtreme Sports Bar
Chant and sing at the first clash of footballing titans at 2018 World Cup! Both European teams are favourites to top their group, and littered with phenomenal players like Ronaldo & Pique! Live from the Fisht Stadium in Sochi, is the clash of the Iberian neighbours and footballing heavyweights!

Catch a one-man modern band!
8 PM, Sat, The Humming Tree

Larry T Hill builds songs using only his voice and a looping pedal! Live-recorded layers of his voice create sounds that you'd expect to hear from a small band. Some of his songs are elaborate, and others can turn out to be playfully silly. Watch out for sharp beats and deep bass lines!

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