What To Do This Weekend In Bangalore: April 21-22

Read with some fresh coffee, taste Sri Lankan food, take a guided tour around Nandi Valley Winery, & groove to DJ Quintino!

Head to India's first motorcycle-inspired art exhibit
Peepletree Art Gallery

With around 80 unique pieces of art for sale, the Moto Art Show is a first-of-its-kind initiative showcasing 12 multi-disciplinary moto artists from across the country. The art will showcased media - paintings, illustrations, metal sculptures using bike parts, film and performance.

Wine & dine on this day trip
April 22 | 11 AM
Experience the vineyard life and go through how wine is produced at this guided 3-hour wine tour. You can stomp grapes yourself too, as the entire process of wine-making is explained to you.

The tour includes a stop in barrel room, which has real oak barrels to age premium wine, where you can taste 5 different varieties with some soothing music.

The tour concludes with a lunch buffet, overlooking the vineyards under the hills.

Read with a steamin' cup
April 22 | 10 AM
The Alipore Post hosts a pop-up library where you can show up to read from their selection (or bring your own books). There will also be coffee from Roasted Today, who serve freshly ground coffee at Social outlets.

Taste nosh from Sri Lanka
April 22 | 1 PM
The 3-course menu served up at this Indiranagar OpenOut experience includes Traditional Idiyappam and Prawn Sodhi (Coconut Stew), Pol Sambol, Polos (Jackfruit Curry), and Kiribati with Chilli paste. Wrap up the meal with Wattalappam (Cardamom Spiced Coconut Custard)!

More OpenOut experiences here.

World-class DJ Quintino is spinnin'
April 22 | 7 PM
Steady climbing up the Top 100 rankings of DJ Mag, Quintino's solo club tracks ‘Underground’, ‘Carnival’ are a rage on dance floors. He recently teamed up with Hardwell again for a remix of J. Balvin & Willy William’s ‘Mi Gente’, which is burning up the charts.

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