When You Sea Food, Eat It – The Prawn Masala Special

April 21 - 22 | 12.30PM
The Bohri Kitchen, Colaba
Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!


The Bohri Kitchen has decided to go on a sea food diet! Which means, you eat everything you sea.

Mom Chef is making Dad Kapadia’s favourite dish, this weekend- The Prawn Masala. Along with that we will even have the humble Daal Tadka & Jeera Rice.

P.S. If you have friends who are vegetarian, you need not break your friendship, we even make vegetarian food on request!

The Spread

Kharaas (Savoury Dishes)
Smoked Mutton Kheema Samosas – The TBK Signature - Crunchy Patti Samosas stuffed with Smoked Minced Kheema, Coriander & Spring Onions.
Chicken Cheese Shahi Rolls – Minced chicken seekh stuffed with cheese, bread crumbed and deep fried in love and affection.
Raan in Red Masala – 1-1.5kg of lamb leg marinated for 48 hours and cooked with specialmasalas. Garnished with coriander and salli wafers.

Meethas (Sweet Dish)
Jalebi with Malai – Do we need to even say anything more?
Surprise Sweet Dish – Because who doesn’t like surprises? 

Jaman (Main Course) 
Fried Fish/ Prawn Masala – Mom Chef’s signature sea food dishes!
Daal Tadka & Jeera Rice – The perfect companion to our sea food special dishes; the humble daal tadka served with jeera rice.

Saancha Ice cream 

TBK Welcome Drink 
Rose Sharbat with Sabja Seeds
Jal Jeera Soda

Khajur & Dryfruit Chutney 
Pineapple & Boondi Raita
Green Chutney & Limbu 
Aamba Pickle

No Serial Killer Policy™

Unfortunately, since we host people at our residence, we are sticklers about who we invite. It helps a lot if we have mutual friends or if you are the prime minister of a country.


The Bohri Kitchen, Colaba


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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!