#WordsOfWeekender: A Complete Glossary For the Happiest Music Festival

With Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2017 underway, now's just the time to brush up on your Happiest Music Festival vocabulary.

This handy-dandy refresher course will have you speaking fluent Weekender in no time! What if you've never been to the festival before? Now's your chance to impress others with your new-found verbal skills. Onwards, ho, Weekender Warriors!

Weekender State of Mind

ˈwiːkˈɛndə steɪt ɒv maɪnd
A feeling in which one is engulfed by happy thoughts and memories of Bacardi NH7 Weekender, often associated with hums of riffs and mumbling resembling 'one more bucket please'

Usage example:
"Dude what's up with you, you've been jumping about all day."
"I'm in the Weekender State of Mind !"

Pre Sale

priː seɪl
That golden moment in which festival tickets prices are at their lowest. Research has shown positive correlation between pre-sale ticket purchase and happiness.

"Financial advice: Invest in mutual funds, gold futures and pre-sale tickets" - noted financial expert

Shiny Happy People

ˈʃaɪni ˈhæpi ˈpiːpl
Collective term for a group of Bacardi NH7 Weekender attendees. Individually, they might range from a shiny happy person to a matte sad person, but come festival time, they will always be S.H.P.

Natural habitat:
Inside festival grounds, often found in close proximity to buckets. Blooms during the latter part of the year.Also, see: Pre-sale

Mosh Pit

mosh pɪt

An aggressive ritual among black-robe-adorned lovers of heavy music involving much headbang such jumping very wow. Associated with bruises, smiles and flashes of 'metal horns'. Caution is advised for aspiring participants.

"Much are the therapeutic powers of a mosh pit, where you find yourself, your creed and the need for a new t-shirt from the merch stall" - ancient Chinese saying

Cubicle Warriors Unite

ˈkjuːbɪkl ˈwɒrɪəz juːˈnaɪt

When corporate India finds out that the Happiest Music Festival is coming and starts plotting how to take leave.

Maybe related statistic:
100% of festival weekends have a colleague's 'wedding' around that time.

A successful cubicle warrior



Personal vessels that are used at the festival to hold drink, used after the festival to hold memories #aww.

These have been the subject of several works of pop culture, including the hit single "I like big buckets and I cannot lie"


Smaller personal vessels, usually used to hold liquids that makes one dance, jump, and tell complete strangers one loves them.

Therapeutic uses
Holding a bucket can be magical. A person not possessing one is called a mug-gle #sorrynotsorry


Could be used to refer to either:
1. A musical group of two or more, often found entertaining audiences at the Happiest Music Festival
2. An identifying wrist clothing used to grant access to legit Weekender Warriors into the Festival

Sample usage:
1. "Dude, this is my favourite band from all of this year!"
2. "Dude, you won't believe it but this band is waterproof!"
1&2 (rarely used together). "Hey, I'm a guitarist with those guys - here's my band band"

Ferris Wheel

ˈfɛrɪs wiːl

A rotating, upright, circular structure with passenger-carrying cubicles across its circumference. Used for recreational purposes and to get an aerial view of the surrounding areas. First introduced in 1893 at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, it has found its spiritual home at Bacardi NH7 Weekender, ferrying hundreds of Weekender Warriors.


​Secret Service

ˈsiːkrɪt ˈsɜːvɪs

A highly furtive operation involving Weekender Agents who... Huh? What? How did this get... Move on, there's nothing to see here (psst - sign up here)​

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