World Cuisine: Thai

April 29 | 11AM
Culinary Craft


“A common language which connects our mammoth ball of human civilisation is ought to be – FOOD”

Irrespective of your nationality, religion, color of skin or background, preparation and eating of the food is something that we all have in common with one another. The sharing of food with others keeps people connecting! So, culinary craft has brings to you a chance to learn, a specially crafted menu comprising of cuisines from different parts of the world like Chinese, Italian and many more. Some delicate herby flavors, some crunchy bits, some spicy treats, some scrumptious textures and a lot more is in store for you guys!

So come, enroll now!


Tom Kha Kai
Fish Kapraw
Cottage Cheese In black pepper sauce
Mapu Tofu
Thai Red Curry Chicken
Vermecilli Basil Noodle Veg
Green Curry Fried Rice


Culinary Craft

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