Writing Romance - A Creative Writing Workshop

January 20 | 11AM
Todi Mill Social, Mumbai
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What is the one thing both the bards of yore and the bestselling authors of today have in common? 'True love' perhaps, is the most universal muse! It enchanted us when the Prince kissed the princess, enthralled us when Juliet looked down from her balcony and made us weep buckets when circumstances tore the lovers apart. In the world of creative writing, it is love that makes the world go round. If the writer in you is yet to discover this whole secret world, Open Bracket presents: Writing Romance, a creative writing workshop specifically designed to take you into the rosy depths of the Romance Genre. We discuss patterns, tips and hacks, to equip you with writing tools that can easily put Mills and Boon to shame! For the Shakespeare’s and the Sparks, it is time to come, and fall in love!

About the artist

This workshop will be conducted by our guest artist Aastha. Aastha Atray Banan is an assistant editor at Sunday midday. She is also a romance author and has written India’s second Mills and Boon novel, His Monsoon Bride. Her other books include Games Girls Play and Crave. She also released two songs this year called Pretty Boy and Heartbreak Girl. She also writes poetry on Instagram and released a calendar of her poems a few months ago.

About Open Bracket

Open bracket is an experimental platform for all things creative! We organize and curate custom made workshops that stand firmly in the no man’s land between classroom lectures and professional training, though never shying from mandatory hops of fun. The workshops are conducted by professionals who are invited from an extensive list of artists and creators from all over the country. To know more log on to www.openbracket.in


Todi Mill Social, Mumbai

CS #242, Near Viva Centre, Mathuradas Mill Compund, Lower Parel West, Mumbai

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!