Your Ride to Bacardi NH7 Weekender​ Meghalaya

November 1-2 | 12 - 2PM
SRGT Parking Lot, Shillong
700 - 1,400


Hit the road Jack, and get on track to the happiest music festival with the official Bacardi NH7 Weekender shuttle, getting you from Shillong to the venue and back.

Our daily shuttles will follow the routes given below and drop you off as needed.

All you need to do is get your shuttle ticket, and show up at the pick up points on time. Onward, to Weekender!

Haven’t got your tickets to the happiest music festival yet? Click here before reading on. Oh, and for accommodation options in Meghalaya, click here.

The details for the shuttle service are as follows:

1. Shuttles will run on both days of the festival between SRGT Parking Lot, Shillong and the festival venue. The pickup point location can be viewed here.

2. Shuttles will begin at 12 PM and head straight to the venue with no stops in between.

3. On the way back, the shuttles will leave the venue between 10 PM and 11 PM. There are 2 drop off routes available to choose from depending on which one is most convenient to you. They are as follows:

Starting point: SRGT Parking Lot - NH7 Venue (direct with no stops)
Return trip route: NH7 Venue - Madanryting - Nongthymmai- Fire Brigade - Dhanketi - Malki Point - Barik - Shillong Club - SRGT Parking Lot

Starting point route: SRGT Parking Lot - NH7 Venue (direct with no stops)
Return trip: NH7 Venue - Madanryting - Fire Brigade - Laithumkhrah - Dhanketi - Malki Point - Barik - Shillong Club - Police Bazar

4. Shuttle tickets can be purchased for single days and both days of the festival. There are limited seats and it highly recommended to book shuttle tickets in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles on account of non-availability.

5. These are round trip tickets and are only available for purchase online.

6.If you are bringing children below 10 years old with you, shuttle tickets are not required. Please remember to carry an appropriate government-issued ID for your children.

7.Remember to carry a valid photo ID and your shuttle e-ticket with you. Printouts are not required but do remember to download the e-ticket on your phone before coming!

8. This is just a big thank you if you’re choosing to skip bringing a vehicle to this beautiful place. Thank you for your support in helping keep Meghalaya green!

Terms & Conditions