Zumba Fitness Weight Loss Program

January 3 - March 9 | 10AM & 6PM
Way of Life
5000 (2 Months)


Zumba Fitness has always proven to be a great activity when it comes to Weight loss, body toning and overall fitness. Here's a chance for you to actually achieve those results in a scientific weight management program.

Yes.. That's right.. We at Way Of Life in collaboration with Sports Nutrition will be providing a two month weight loss program.

Not only will you be moving to the best tracks in your Zumba class, but you'll also be receiving free diet consultation, and result monitoring to get you into the best shape..

Give your NEW YEAR'S resolution one last dance..

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday | 10AM to 11AM and 6PM to 7PM (twice a day | 3 days a week)


Way of Life

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