The Various Avatars Of Superman You Should Know About

From the producers of The Iconic New York Comic Con – comes the 6th Edition of Maruti Suzuki Mumbai Comic Con! The city’s biggest pop-culture event is finally here! Comic Con features the best of comics, movies, television, gaming & cosplay! It's time to brush up on your comic book knowledge for Comic Con 2017!

In this edition, Insider picks some of the best alternate versions of Superman for you to read

1. Red Son Superman

What happens when the son of Krypton crash lands into the USSR instead of the US of A? He gets adopted and raised by Josef Stalin (whose name coincidentally means "Man of Steel"). This Superman believes that the only way to save the world is by ruling it (cue Injustice) but unlike his unlikable ruling self in Injustice, Superman here is still the lovable superhero he always was.

2. Yellow Lantern Superman

After losing the love of his life Lois Lane to the Joker, Superman goes on a killing spree and becomes the ultimate dictator of Earth in Injustice, he befriends Sinestro and becomes a yellow lantern (yellow=fear) since he strike fear in every living soul on the Earth.

3. Flashpoint Superman

In Flashpoint Paradox, Flash travels to a parallel universe where Superman crashes right in the city of Metropolis instead of Smallville. He's immediately snapped up by the government and isolated from everything. He's locked up in a cell away from the sun (the source of his powers) and humanity which ultimately makes him look like a shriveled version of his superior self.

4. Darkseid's Son Superman

In Superman: The Dark Side, Kal-El’s pod crashes onto the planet Apokolips rather than Earth. As such, he’s raised as Darkseid’s (Superman's greatest foe who stands for everything exactly opposite for what Superman stands for) son and becomes the head of the Apokoliptian army, clad in a special suit of armour which increases his abilities even more.

5. Ultraman

In Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, Superman meets Ultraman, an evil doppelgänger of Superman from an alternate universe. He is the de facto leader of the Crime Syndicate, a team of supervillains paralleling the Justice League.

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